About us

The story of the City Grill restaurant begins in May 2004, in the desire to create a friendly space in which both Romanians and their foreign collaborators feel spoiled. The cuisine has been chosen to be a mélange of traditional dishes and international dishes; the common denominator being the pleasure of eating a good grill, a meat prepared exactly as it should. We invite you to discover the traditional urban cuisine.
The surprise was that businessmen felt so good at City Grill that they brought their friends for a relaxing lunch, organized events with us, and chose us to join them for their family anniversaries.
The first restaurant was opened in the Primăverii area. With an inviting terrace, perfect for special events, City Grill Primăverii has become the favorite location of many people from the first day.

In 2004, the Romanian restaurants market was not very developed. Meanwhile, City Grill opened 4 locations in very important areas of the city: City Grill Covaci takes the pulse of the center of Little Paris; City Grill Floreasca, near the Pipera area, meets the needs of the business community of Bucharest; City Grill Primăverii has become a landmark of the city's residential area; and in the north of the town there is City Grill Băneasa. From the very beginning, the City Grill Group wanted to spoil its guests, regardless of location or culinary preferences, which is why we have in our portfolio the best known and most appreciated restaurants in Bucharest: City Grill, Trattoria Buongiorno, Hanul Berarilor Interbelic, Caru’ cu bere, Pescăruș, Hanu’ lui Manuc. Last but not least, City Café is a chain of affordable restaurants for hurried people in Bucharest, but who know how important it is to eat healthily.

We have succeeded in everything we have done because of our perseverance in having the finest ingredients, the perfect service and famous chefs. The results can be seen in the appreciation of City Grill restaurants every day. The City Grill story is, in fact, built by all the people of Bucharest satisfied with our services.

We have thought a lot of what we would like to have the menu at City Grill restaurants, inspiring from the very history of our city. Bucharest is at the confluence of the great European cultures, with influences from all over the world - from Jews, Greeks, Germans, Serbians, Russians, Turks or Italians. All these peoples have added a sense of flavor to our culinary specificity, and we believe that Romanian cuisine has several components that blend harmoniously. On the one hand, the simple, traditional rural cuisine, plus the mysterious Oriental flavors, and the noblest of Western dishes. Thus, the tastes of the City Grill restaurant menu are an amazing mixture of fine ingredients, flavors and Romanian recipes, joined to the refinement of dishes from around the world.

We were waiting for you to taste the grill dishes that our chefs are proud of. And if you want a burger, you're probably in the first restaurant chain in Bucharest that introduced gourmet burger in the menu, including vegetarian ones.

The City Grill story continues with every satisfied guest who chooses one of our restaurants in Bucharest for a business meeting, a family lunch or a relaxing dinner with best friends.